Shock Resistance

Built to be strong

Built with the highest quality standards in mind, every BALL watch undergoes rigorous testing procedures to verify its impeccable shock resistance up to 5,000Gs. The shock resistance test is conducted according to the International Standard ISO 1413 using a pendulum impact-testing machine. The mechanism sets off a circular movement that brings the weighted pendulum to hit the watch from one meter.

Because it can handle more

With the Engineer Hydrocarbon collection, we go well beyond the above standard by testing with a tougher 1.5 meter hammer strike, raising the resistance to 7,500Gs. A third shock test against the relatively weaker three o’clock crown position of the watch tests our patented crown protection system to ensure it functions properly. Almost all Engineer Hydrocarbon watch models can resist to this 7,500Gs shock resistance test without any damage. Finally, the Engineer Hydrocarbon collection uses a specially made 4mm sapphire crystal for better protection.

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