Crown Protection System

For superior water and shock resistance

The patented crown protection system guarantees superior water and shock resistance, even at the most vulnerable area of the case, the crown. Many watches are damaged due to water leakage or external shock damages occuring at the crown. The crown, particularly if it is not a screwed-in crown, is among the most at risk parts of a watch.

A crown protection developed for the Engineer Hydrocarbon series

A special crown protection system was designed for the Engineer Hydrocarbon series to guarantee its exceptional water resistance. A protective plate is placed around the crown, which ensures the crown must be screwed-in to its original secure position after time adjustment. The shock resistance test conducted on Engineer Hydrocarbon models also tests the crown protector to ensure it will prevent damage to the crown and resist water leakage as well. The crown is tested with external shocks to ensure its durability up to 7,500Gs.

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