Amortiser® Patented Anti-Shock System

To ensure a better movement's protection

The Amortiser® patented anti-shock system protects a mechanical movement against damages caused by external shocks. Any substantial shock can create sudden and violent oscillations of the rotor of an automatic watch that can seriously spoil the movement.

Rotor-Locking System

On some models, the Amortiser® system is combined with a rotor-locking system. A switch on the case back enables the rotor to be locked and unlocked as desired. This prevents the impact energy from being transmitted to the movement, while the watch continues to run by drawing on its power reserve. When the rotor-locking system is engaged on the "ON" position, the rotor cannot spin, which protects the movement in case of shock. In this setting, the watch operates like a manually-wound watch. When the rotor-locking system is disengaged on the "OFF" position, the rotor spins freely and can wind the automatic movement.

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