Dr. Christopher Hillman
Nomadic Doctor in the Himalayan Mountains

Home Country: U.S.A.

At 14,000 feet above sea level, Dr. Christopher Hillman travels on a motorbike among different communities providing healthcare for emergencies and house calls. He often works from atop a glacier and the bamboo bench that serves as his waiting room, seats 60.

“You will have limited medical supplies and drugs. The closest western hospital will be three days away. You will be required to provide primary care, as well as pediatric, obstetric, gynecological and surgical services, you will also be required to perform all laboratory work, and diagnose and treat all patients.”

“We are at the frontiers of a new world, and managing an overstressed planet. In the end, all of humanity is charged with the case of this planet, its people and all its life forms. When our deeds reflect this, then maybe we can be noble.”

Career Highlights:

* Dr. Christopher Hillman gained advanced medical degrees in Reproductive Health and Tropical Medicine at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

* He also attended the Center for Continuing Professional Education at Harvard School of Public Health.

* After graduation, his 20-year international career has taken him to more than 20 countries to practice medicine and learn new medical techniques.  His aim is to prevent illness or lessen the suffering of others.

* Dr. Hillman’s medical endeavors are adventurous. He has completed deliveries in pitch-blackness during power outages. At one point, he found himself working in a danger zone, and was told to never leave the hospital at night.  He has reattached fingers on a wooden table high in the mountains in the middle of winter, with half a village looking on.

* Beyond providing basic healthcare, Dr. Hillman assists communities to improve overall standards of health & hygiene.  For instance, he has built greenhouses and food storage facilities, developed latrines and garbage management systems in areas that had none, and ensured clean cooking and drinking water for countless villages.

* On his yearly return to the mountains, Dr. Hillman escorts an annual group of fresh British doctors to discover the trials & joys of life in the Himalayas. "My desire is to share my experience with others and hopefully their response will be one of participation and understanding. This truly is an extraordinary time in my life."

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