SpringLOCK® Patented Anti-Shock System

To enhance watch accuracy

Disorient of balance-spring upon shock impact is the most common cause of watch inaccuracy. SpringLOCK®, the world’s first revolutionary and BALL’s patented anti-shock system, enhances watch accuracy by reducing balance-spring’s shock impact by 66%.

The balance-spring's dissection

The balance-spring is a small spring wound up in a concentric circle and attached at each end to the balance and the balance-cock respectively. In conjunction with the balance, it constitutes a watch’s regulating organ, on which the degree of accuracy with which it functions depends. The system regulating the balance and the balance-spring are one of the most fragile parts of a watch mechanism, particularly in the event of a violent impact.

The SpringLOCK® consists of a cage

Exclusively developed by BALL Watch, the SpringLOCK® protects the balance-spring of the movement with a «cage» that limits the unfurling of the coils in case of any external impacts to which the watch can be subjected. It considerably diminishes the risk of a breakage of the balance-spring’s link to the balance or of unexpected movements that could deform the shape of the balance-spring itself.

How bad can the shocks be?

External shock impacts can cause standard mechanical movements to vary by up to more or less 60 seconds a day. The SpringLOCK® system reduces their effect by up to 66 %, thus ensuring that the caliber remains accurate. Watch wearers can now freely engage in various sporting activities (e.g. golf), knowing that accurate time keeping can still be possible under external shock impacts.

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