Find all the answers to your questions reading our compliation of Frequently Asked Questions, and as a complement to our updated online User Manual.


How does an automatic mechanical watch work ?

As opposed to quartz watches, mechanical watches are watches that use a mechanism to measure the passage of time. This mechanism is driven by a spring which must be wound periodically : manually and/or automatically. Most of BALL watches are automatic. Once they have been wound manually for initial setting, their movement is self-winding, running thanks to the energy provided by the natural motion of the owner’s wrist.

The «human» accuracy of an automatic watch cannot be compared to the electronic accuracy of a quartz watch.

How must an automatic mechanical watch be wound ?

If the watch has not been worn for a long period of time, you must wind the movement before setting the time. Unscrew the crown to position [0], then turn the crown clockwise 20 to 30 times.

We advise against trying to wind a timepiece by simply shaking it.

What is the difference between a chronograph and a chronometer ?

Although the two designations are often mixed up, they are different. A chronometer is a watch with a mechanism that has been tested and certified to meet certain precision standards (COSC). A chronograph is a function of a watch that measures short periods of time, and by extension the name given to this watch.

What is a Worldtimer ?

World Time watches simultaneously display local time and the time of any other time zones, most of the time indicated by a labelled inner dial bezel.



What shall I do when the brightness of the gas tube markers will fade ?

Our self-powered micro gas tubes have been made to provide superior night reading capability which is 100 times brighter than the current tritium-based luminous paints, frequently used in the watch industry. They do not require batteries nor to be recharged by an outside light source, or the use of a press-button, and glow continuously for a minimum of 10 years.

This lifespan is an estimate that overtakes the usual duration of other technologies. It is not a period of warranty and it does not mean that the tritium will fade
from the 10th year.

If ever the luminosity of one or several gas tubes of your watch should come to decrease, you could contact the nearest authorized dealer for an individual diagnosis and a service estimate.

My watch has been magnetized. What does this actually mean and what shall I do ?

The Engineer Hydrocarbon, Engineer Master II and Engineer II collections are all equipped with antimagnetic cases constructed with corrosion-resistant ferric stainless steel materials. Furthermore, the inner workings of the watch are protected by a soft iron inner jacket consisting of a sub-dial, a ring surrounding the movement and a double-bottom. This special alloy, reinforced by the shape of the case, prevents magnetic fields from penetrating as far as the movement and having an adverse effect on its accuracy.

What does the term “antimagnetic” actually mean? The existing standard is defined as follows: If a mechanical watch does not stop when exposed to a magnetic field of 4,800 A/m and subsequently does not deviate by more than 30 seconds per day, it can be called “antimagnetic.” The Engineer Hydrocarbon series certainly surpasses this standard with a protection up to 12,000 A/m while some of the BALL watches go up to a protection of 80,000A/m.

Nevertheless, please avoid placing your watch on refrigerators or loudspeakers for example as they generate powerful magnetic fields. This might be the reason of this defect and an authorized watchmaker can demagnetize your BALL Watch.

I have an ENGINEER III Bronze Star and I would like to know more about this material.

BALL uses the finest bronze, comprised of a copper-aluminium alloy that delivers incredible impact strength and corrosion resistance. Its patina and shine are guaranteed to age beautifully based on the wearer’s experiences. Every watch will have its own story to tell. Indeed, it is a special material that has the quality to evolve with time and to turn your BALL watch into a special and unique timepiece.

The colour of the case is subject to changes because of the chemical properties of the metal that may vary depending on the way you wear it, your skin, the air, etc. With some owners, the caseback of the watch may leave a green mark on the wrist. This pigmentation is simply the effect of metal oxidation: the copper of the alloy produces verdigris with the humidity of the body. 



I would like to obtain further information about the ENGINEER HYDROCARBON NEDU model case back insignia.

The insignia engraved on the caseback of the EH NEDU is the "Special Operations Diver" badge issued by the United States Army. Special operations divers who are allowed to wear this badge can be part of the US Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU) as well as of other US military divisions. The NEDU has its own insignia with a different design. The insignia of the NEDU and Diver are different, as one refers to the Division, and the other to the military grade of the person who's in this division. However, this BALL Watch model is not an official and formal production from the US army and our individual aesthetic conception is also part of our design decisions and conception of a celebration timepiece.

What kind of customization is possible with my BALL Watch ?

You can have your initial band changed for the other strap/bracelet options, as indicated for each model and depending on current availability. Some straps also offers the possibility to fit other type of buckles. This can be ordered and checked with your local authorized dealer.

A dial replacement service can be achieved on special request, according to the initial options of each model, and depending on current availability. This will also change your warranty card details.

Our pre-order campaigns sometimes offer the possibility to choose the Limited Edition number, the caseback engraving and/or other details of the dial. Stay tuned…



My BALL Watch seems to be in need of repair / maintenance. Where may I take it and to whom ?

BALL Watch is represented by authorized dealers and service centres in several areas around the world, as listed in the RETAILERS section of our website. You can take your watch to one of these places, or send it, safely wrapped in a parcel, with your warranty card (or a copy).

If you live in a country where there is no BALL authorized person, you can contact our Aftersales Service in the head office (info@ballwatch.ch).

I have a problem on my BALL Watch. Can you estimate the service ?

We only issue service estimate after a diagnosis. This means we need to first observe your timepiece before any aftersales decision or invoice can be communicated. Before you entrust your watch to our service centres or workshops, please check that you have carefully read all the given instructions (initial manual winding, time setting, etc.)

Why does the service of my BALL Watch take so long to be achieved ?

A mechanical watch service is defined by the model of the watch, the diagnosis of its defect(s), your initial request, and the availability of components. These factors lead to different delivery time frames which may vary between an average of 3 weeks and 3 months. As our products are manufactured, our services are also subject to human contingencies that we endeavour to always lighten. While you wait for the return of your watch, we remain at your full disposal to inform you.

My leather strap is damaged. What should I do ?

Our straps are made of finest calf, crocodile or alligator leather and are protected against humidity. To prolong the life of your leather strap, we recommend to avoid contact with water and dampness to prevent discoloration and deformation. Should the strap be immersed in salt water, we suggest that you rinse it with fresh water to prevent further damage. We also advise to avoid contact with greasy substances and cosmetic products, as leather is permeable.

If your leather strap needs to be replaced, you can contact your nearest authorized dealer to purchase a new one (or another model of fitting band) and get it fixed on your BALL Watch. Please note that the item will come without buckle if you do not specify your order.

BALL Watch Company’s warranty does not cover straps, bracelets, buckles and clasps.

What is a Service Warranty ?

If your BALL Watch has been serviced by an authorized service centre, you automatically get an additional 1 year warranty on the achieved service. This means that from the date of repair and for one year, the work of our watchmakers assures, as per our aftersales conditions, that the repaired defect will not happen again.

What are your recommendations for taking care of my BALL Watch ?

You can find all the required information for the maintenance of your watch in our online User Manual.

My User Manual CD does not work / I did not receive the User Manual.

You can find the latest updated version or our User Manual in the CUSTOMER SERVICE section of our website. But if you prefer to read our instructions on a paper version, we would be glad to send you a copy. Do not hesitate to contact us at info@ballwatch.ch.

I have lost my watch’s Warranty Card. Can I obtain a duplicate ?

BALL Watch only provides one Warranty Card for each watch sold. It is not possible to provide a duplicate of this document, as the warranty must be completed (with the model reference, serial number and date of purchase) as well as signed/stamped by the authorized dealer at the day of purchase.

Online registration cannot be a proof of warranty.

In order to avoid any issues, we recommend you make paper or digital copies of the warranty.

My BALL Watch is 30 m /100 ft water resistant. What am I allowed to do with it ?

The water resistance of BALL watches ranges from 30m/100ft to 3,000m/9,850ft, depending on the model chosen. This asset of a timepiece will be impaired if the crown is not properly screwed-in. The water resistance criteria of the watch industry are unanimously classified as follows:

When shall I have my watch serviced and the water resistance tested ?

We recommend that you have your timepiece checked at a BALL authorized after-sales service center every three to five years, whenever the timepiece’s case has been open or as soon as you notice something wrong.

Which model of automatic winder should I use and how should I ?

There are many different kinds of watch winders on the market, and the choice is up to you.

Thus we cannot advise a setting and parameters in particular.

However, we suggest to use your device on slow speed, 12 hours by night (alternating with a resting time of 12 hours, at best). As the winding will not work on a stopped watch, only set a manually winded watch (at least 25 times) on the device. Then you shall set the winder clockwise.

Can you please give me the date of production of my BALL Watch ?

The only important date for your BALL Watch is the purchase date as indicated by the authorized dealer on the warranty card. We will be glad to give you the history of each model launch but we do not communicate on specific timepiece production date.


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