Night Reading Evolution

The power of micro gas tubes (H₃)

Self-Powered Micro Gas Tubes (H₃) are a novel light source manufactured by means of innovative Swiss laser technology.  They provide superior, longlife brightness – 100 times brighter than markings using luminous paints – with a lifetime easily reaching 25 years.  The BALL micro gas tubes do not need recharging from the sun and do not drain batteries. However, the brightness of H₃ micro gas lights will deteriorate over the years. You can always read a BALL watch quickly and easily in any environment.

How does the technology work?

The BALL Watch advanced technology safely captures tritium gas (H₃) in a very stable form. Pure tritium gas is sealed in a hollow mineral glass tube. The interior walls are coated with luminescent material that gives off cold light when activated by the electrons emitted by the tritium, in much the same way a television screen functions.The small, precise, lightweight H₃ gas tubes are efficiently produced by means of a CO2 laser. The tubes are then attached to the hands and dial in a secure manner that precludes any risk of breakage. The wearer of a complete and intact BALL watch is not exposed to any irradiation. When assessing risk over the entire life cycle of the watch, the potential irradiation proves to be far smaller than the one which the wearer is inescapably exposed to from naturally occurring radiation and man-made materials.

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