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Home Country: France

The Maewan project was conceived of by Erwan Le Lann, both a mountain guide and a marine guide, with the assistance of Marion Courtois, tremendously experienced in the world of humanitarianism. Erwan and his team are committed to bearing witness to and acting on behalf of our planet, by combining sporting expeditions with social and responsible activities around the world.

The sailboat allows sportsmen and sportswomen to have a mobile base camp that can take them to the most remote corners of the globe. At the same time, these crews act as guides for socially-isolated young people to help them reconnect with the environment and assist them in developing their professional goals by means of a personal or community project. Furthermore, these socially engaged actors, who have demonstrated their familiarity with the natural world, teach communities how to make use of natural resources in a reasonable and responsible manner.

BALL Watch Company and Maewan are committed to the planet and to supporting sustainable development that is both respectful to the environment and responsible, so that people can live in harmony with nature and that the environment can remain a place of adventure.

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