Amortiser® Patented Anti-Shock System

To ensure a better movement's protection

The Amortiser® patented anti-shock system protects a mechanical movement against damages caused by external shocks. Any substantial shock can create sudden and violent oscillations of the rotor of an automatic watch that can seriously spoil the movement.

How to absorb the shocks?

The Amortiser® system consists of a protective and anti-magnetic ring around the mechanical movement that absorbs the energy created by side shocks. Furthermore, a switch in the form of a propeller or a submarine is located on the watch’s case back, enabling the rotor to be locked and unlocked as desired. This mechanism prevents the energy of frontal impacts from being transmitted to the movement. When the rotor is immobilized, the watch continues to run by drawing on its power reserve. When the risk of shocks has ended, unlocking the rotor brings the automatic winding system back into action.

The most robust automatic chronograph

The Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster Orbital II fitted with the Amortiser® system has been demonstrated to endure 5.2 meters free fall without any damage on the mechanical movement, making this timepiece the most robust automatic chronograph.

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