Guillaume Néry
Four-time World Record-holder in Free Diving and 2011 World Champion

Home Country: France

Guillaume Néry is a French free-diving champion, specialized in deep diving. With just one breath, he can dive to -125m below the water's surface. As a multiple world record-holder and the 2011 world champion, Néry's goals go well beyond what he has already mastered. With a perfect combination of aesthetics, performance and exploration, Néry practices his discipline like an art form and it has become his way of life.

“Freedom to me is diving into the heart of the ocean.”

Career Highlights:

* In 2002, Guillaume Néry became the youngest world record-holder in the history of Constant Weight Freediving by diving to a depth of -87 meters in the Villefranche-sur-Mer harbour, in Alpes-Maritimes, France.

* In 2004, he pushed the record to -96 meters in Saint-Leu, la Réunion. 

* On September 6, 2006, he broke the record again at -109 meters in Nice, France.

* In 2010, the short film “Free Fall” shows Néry walking on the sea bed close to an underwater chasm, the Dean’s Blue Hole (Bahamas), the deepest blue hole in the world. Suddenly he jumps into the void and embarks on a vertiginous fall into the abyss. Néry wanted to express the power of the elements of water, earth and air and the feelings of freedom, harmony and exploration inherent in freediving.

* In AIDA Individual Depth World Championship 2011, Guillaume Néry became individual world champion, with a dive to -117 meters in Kalamata, Greece.

* In 2012, Néry beat the French record with -123 meters.

* In 2013, Néry reached -125 meters with just one breath.

* The documentary film “Attention - A Life in Extremes” was released in Austria, Germany and Switzerland in September 2014.  It is a 90-minute film and explores the phenomenon of extreme sports from a personal perspective, and features Guillaume Néry, together with two other world-class athletes.

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